HMC3 Evolve® Program

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Through the HMC3 Evolve® Program, a partnership is formed where there is a shared commitment and vested interest in the business's success

Through the Evolve® Program, HMC3 will defer a large percentage of its fees to develop and launch products and will not charge brokerage fees to investors. For select companies, HMC3 offers professional services to those who need to fill the gaps to enter the market and attract investment.

HMC3 Systems Team addresses the typical startup needs:

  • Business Process Automation
  • Custom Integrations
  • New or Enhanced Applications
  • Cloud Migration
  • Cybersecurity

HMC3 Executive Team addresses the typical growth needs:

  • Sales Generation
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Investor Relations
  • Capital Investment


  • Experiencing gaps to launch products and/or build capabilities to raise capital.
  • Willing to sell equity for required services and raise capital.

Investment Partners and Markets

  • Lead Investors who provide the experience and capabilities to mitigate risk and help ensure success
  • Follow-on Investors
  • Identify Sales Opportunities

HMC3 Bridging the Gap

The HMC3 Evolve® program bridges gaps and boosts credibility by partnering with a team of startup professionals.

HMC3 Value for Customers

One budget for the service needed when its needed

Customer centric
Commercialization Support

Sales & Operations Advisory Program

Customer centric
Customer Engagement IT Services

Customer Experience
Enterprise Application Development

Customer centric
Product/Portfolio Strategy

Marketing & Technology Product
Development Alignment Services

12 Month Engagement to Build Alignment, Trust and Efficiencies for Growth

Are you a startup that finds struggles to fill particular gaps?

The HMC3 Evolve® Program Fills Your Gaps

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